The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) was established following the November 2009 General Election in accordance with section 69 of the Constitution.

The primary function of this Committee is to objectively scrutinise how the Government and other public bodies spend public money so as to ensure that the highest possible standards of fiscal management are maintained and that the necessary architecture of accountability is in place. This includes the St Helena Government’s annual accounts and other reports referred to the Committee from time to time. Following review of such matters, the PAC’s own report on its findings is laid before Legislative Council in accordance with the law.

PAC Reports

PAC Sessional Report – 4 May 2017

PAC Sessional Report, Excess Expenditure – 3 October 2016

PAC Sessional Report – 3 October 2016

PAC Formal Meeting Program – 3 October 2016

PAC Sessional Report – 17 May 2016

PAC Formal Meeting – 10 May 2016, Day 1

PAC Formal Meeting – 11 May 2016, Day 2

PAC Sessional Report – 10 February 2016

PAC Sessional Report – 4 February 2016