Note Regarding Updates to the St Helena Statistics Yearbook: Updates to the data in the Statistics Yearbook are available and collated up to the end of financial year 2014/15.  However, due to current pressures on the Statistics Team, it has not yet been possible to perform all of the final checks and preparations which are necessary prior to publication.  If you are looking for updates to any of the data tables in the Yearbook please contact any member of the Statistics team.

Statistical Excel Workbook for Yearbook 2013/14

1 General– Excel Workbook (274kb)

2 Population and vital statistics– Excel Workbook (1,056kb)

3 Production – Excel Workbook (818kb)

4 Public Finance – Excel Workbook (393kb)

5 External Trade – Excel Workbook (332kb)

6 Prices, wages and employment – Excel Workbook (513kb)

7 Water and climate – Excel Workbook (1,235kb )

8 Social – Excel Workbook (549kb)

9 Transport, shipping and tourism– Excel Workbook (557kb)

Additional Data Sets 

Visitor arrivals (Nov2014)

RMS_Passenger_Arrivals_to_St Helena_by_Origin


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