Based on the progress made since late 2017 on the Submarine Cable Project and following the introduction of the weekly airlink to Johannesburg, SHG has launched the Earth Station Project with the aim to attract operators of satellite ground stations to the Island.

A dedicated website – – has been launched outlining the possibilities and opportunities that St Helena Island will have and bring with the transatlantic submarine fibre-optic cable project.

The website lists opportunities such as ground stations for ‘Polar Low-Earth Orbit’ and ‘Equatorial & Inclined Low-Earth Orbit’, ‘Gateway for Megaconstellations’, ‘Gateway for GEO & MEO High-Throughput Satellites’, ‘Telemetry, Tracking & Command Ground Station’, as well as developing a ‘Mid-Atlantic Cable Hub’. An explanation of each with a diagram is displayed on the homepage.

The website also gives a ‘Project Status’ and lists ‘Benefits of St Helena’.

Assistant Chief Secretary, Paul McGinnety, said:

“We are delighted with the new website for the Earth Station Project and we are, once again, very grateful for the work of Christian von der Ropp, who has again supported this project from a technical perspective.”

Councillor Lawson Henry, Chair of the Economic Development Committee, added:

I am delighted that we have launched this website to attract operators of Satellite Ground Stations who would lease capacity on the submarine cable for backhauling and so contribute to the operational costs of the latter. This is a strong message that St Helena is getting ever closer to the digital world. The benefits that ground stations will bring to the Island is huge in terms of new revenue streams, jobs, and investment by the operators, which will be a huge boost to our economy. The new revenue streams will also allow SHG to provide more and better services to our people. I wish to thank all officers and our advisors involved, particularly lead officer, Paul McGinnety.”

Anyone requiring further information about the Earth Station Project is asked to contact Assistant Chief Secretary, Paul McGinnety, on tel: 22470 or email:

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5 February 2018

St Helena Government Communications Hub

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