General Election Tommorrow – Reminder of Candidates

The public are reminded that tomorrow, 17 July 2013, St Helena will go to the Polls in the General Election 2013. This year, with a single constituency, persons on the Electoral Register 2013 will be able to vote for up to 12 Councillors to represent the whole Island for the next four years. But you don’t have to cast 12 votes – you can vote for your favourite one, or two, or three – any number in fact, up to 12.

The 20 candidates standing for this year’s General Election, listed below in alphabetical order by surname, are:

Leslie Paul Baldwin, Half Tree Hollow

Audrey Mavis Constantine, Jamestown

Nigel Dollery, St Pauls

Wilson Charles Duncan, Longwood

Gavin George Ellick, St Pauls

Cyril Robert George, St Pauls

Stedson Robert George, Alarm Forest

Anthony Arthur Green, St Pauls

Cyril Keith Gunnell, Jamestown

Earl Hilton Henry, St Pauls

Lawson Arthur Henry, Alarm Forest

Brian William Isaac, Longwood

Brenda Elaine Moors, Alarm Forest

Bernice Alicia Olsson, Jamestown

Ian Sebastian Rummery, Alarm Forest

Christine Lilian Scipio-O’Dean, Longwood

Derek Franklin Thomas, Half Tree Hollow

Lionel George Williams, St Pauls

Raymond Kenneth Williams, Blue Hill

Mervyn Robert Yon, St Pauls

Polling Stations will be at the Levelwood, Harford, Jamestown, Blue Hill, Sandy Bay, Kingshurst and Half Tree Hollow Community Centres and at Judges’ Lodge, Alarm Forest. They will be open from 10am and close promptly at 7pm.

The counting of votes will begin in the main hall at Prince Andrew School at approximately 8pm – after which the results will be declared.

16 July 2013


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