One of the tortoises at Plantation House – Fredrika – will undergo treatment next week for several lesions on her shell (see photos attached).

St Helena Vet, Catherine Man, and her team have been monitoring Fredrika’s condition for several months but there is evidence of deterioration which now needs to be treated.

Catherine explains:

“Fredrika has several holes on her shell affecting the keratin layer also known as scutes. It is comparable to a fingernail and protects and covers the dermal bone lying underneath.

“These lesions are common in tortoises and I have experience with monitoring and treating similar lesions both from my own tortoise back in the UK as well as whilst working at Paignton Zoo. I have been monitoring Fredrika since I arrived in October 2016 as the lesions generally do not need treating, however one of her lesions has become bigger over the last two weeks and now needs treatment.”

Treatment will involve cleaning the shell, removing the areas of scute that are coming loose to ensure that dirt does not get trapped underneath which could cause infection and to remove any dead tissue to allow healthy tissue to grow back. A dremmel attachment on a drill will be used to do this.

Catherine said:

“The procedure will not be painful to Fredrika and will be very much like filing our fingernails although the vibrations from the drill might feel a bit strange to her. Tortoises tend to like having their backs scratched so I don’t think this will bother her.”

A swab of the surface will be taken to check there is no infection present. Catherine will then fill the hole with a special gel to encourage healthy tissue to grow back and cover this with a light dressing to protect it from the elements, insects and birds.

Tortoises are cold-blooded animals and have slower metabolisms than humans. This means they tend to do everything slowly, including healing. It is expected that it will take months before the lesions are healed.

Special thanks go to Kevin Eatwell from Edinburgh Veterinary School, John Woollacott and Geoff Benjamin from the St Helena General Hospital as well as Ivan Gough for their assistance.

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25 May 2017




May 2017

The Quarterly Statistical News Bulletin for May 2017, covers the period January to March 2017 (Quarter 1), and contains updates for the annual rate of inflation of the Retail Price Index (RPI) and high-level economic indicators. Updates on the Estimated Population and Passenger Arrivals are not available at this time.

Inflation of the RPI in Quarter 1 2017 compared to the previous quarter increased by 2.2 per cent. Annual inflation stood at 7.0 per cent in Quarter 1 2017 – up by 2.3 percentage points from the previous quarter and 6.3 percentage points from the same period in 2016. The main upward pressures come from the ‘Food’, ‘Miscellaneous Goods’ and ‘Transport’ categories, with increases on specific goods within the ‘Food’ category contributing 1.4 percentage points towards the headline rate of inflation.

This Statistical News Bulletin, along with other statistical reports, is available on the SHG website at:

If you have requested a copy of this bulletin via email and have not yet received it, please contact the Statistics Office on tel: 22138, or email:

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25 May 2017






St Helena Waste Management Services (WMS) are pleased to announce the introduction of a new ‘Voicemail’ service at Horse Point Landfill Site.

WMS recognises that not all customers have access to email, therefore as part of improving the service provided by the Waste Management Team, customers can now leave a message via telephone. Voicemail messages will then be responded to when staff members return to the office from onsite duties.

Persons wishing to contact the Horse Point Landfill Site for Waste Management Services can call tel: 23655 or alternatively email the Landfill Manager, Patrick Crowie, via email:

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24 May 2017

The public is advised that the Roads Section of ENRD will continue with line painting works in the Grand parade area, Jamestown, on Sunday, 28 May 2017.

Line painting will take place for most of the day – from 6.30am until 3pm – and all vehicle users are asked to vacate these parking areas to allow works to take place.

The Roads Section would like to thank the public in advance for their continued understanding and cooperation.

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24 May 2017

Representatives from 13 UK Overseas Territories (UKOTs) and Crown Dependencies participated in discussions on the future of the environment in their jurisdictions at a special Environment Ministers Meeting in Alderney, Channel Islands, from 27-28 April 2017. The aim of the meeting was to develop the benefits of joint and collaborative working, and discuss common priorities and approaches to negotiations with the UK Government.

Due to access issues at the time, St Helena was unable to send a representative, but Chairperson of the Environment & Natural Resources Committee, Councillor Pamela Ward Pearce, and Director of Environment & Natural Resources, Derek Henry, participated via skype for part of the meeting.

Topics discussed included:

  • Unique Biodiversity and Natural Heritage
  • International Commitments
  • International Environmental Agreements, and review of progress in implementing the Environment Charters, as well as reaching the Aichi Targets and relevant Sustainable Development Goals
  • Climate Change
  • Funding from UK Government and making the deployment of current resources as cost-effective as possible
  • Additional funding sources
  • Consequences of leaving the European Union
  • Safeguarding Environmental Protection

Derek said:

“The section of the meeting that Pamela and I joined was interesting and informative.

 “We were able to identify with the work that is ongoing in other UKOTs and Crown Dependencies and support the need for working more closely together across the territories to continue work preserving our environmental heritages.”

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24 May 2017




St Helena will today fly the Union Jack at half-mast in a worldwide mark of respect for those killed or injured during the terrorist attack at Manchester Arena in the UK last night, Monday, 22 May 2017.

Following the incident in Manchester, the decision has been taken to fly flags at half-mast on all UK Government buildings, including in all UK Overseas Territories.

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23 May 2017

Yesterday’s ExCo meeting was held late in the afternoon with three items on the open agenda.

Council considered and approved exemptions for the Airport Contractors Vehicles on the Airport Access Road, after the end of the construction phase of the Airport Design Build Operate (DOB) contract. Council wanted to ensure that the vehicles were licensed and insured and that any damage caused to the road was repaired by the contractor.

Council also considered and approved a recommendation to seek submission to Her Majesty’s Government of a request to amend Section 21 of the St Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha Constitution Order 2009, by the insertion of a new Section, Section 3A.

The intention behind this amendment to Section 3A is to allow prioritisation of persons with local status, in terms of employment and land holding, without breaching the protection against discrimination provision. Although legal advice was that the Constitution already allowed this, Council wanted it to be more specific.

 Finally Council considered a recommendation from the Financial Secretary in respect of the exit strategy for St Helena Hotel Development Ltd. The paper from the Financial Secretary set out a number of principles to be adopted to allow SHG to withdraw as soon as practicable from ownership of the hotel. Council emphasised the importance of making the shares in the hotel available to local people first, before considering external investors. Given that the Council were asked to agree principles, the full strategy will now be worked up in line with Council’s wishes and subsequently published.

This being the final scheduled ExCo meeting before dissolution of Council at noon tomorrow, I thanked all Members who had contributed to ExCo over the past four years and agreed to read the ExCo report.

The meeting ended at 5.20pm.


19 May 2017




The public is reminded that the deadline for applications to add/ remove names or change details on the Provisional Register is Wednesday, 24 May 2017, and that 17 year olds can now apply.

Revised application forms are available on the SHG Website at: . Alternatively, forms can be obtained from the Assistant Registration Officers or from the following locations:

  • The Castle, Jamestown
  • Customer Service Centre, Jamestown
  • Public Library, Jamestown
  • ENRD Offices, Scotland
  • Rural Sub-Post Offices

If your name is not on the Register of Electors you will not be able to stand or vote in the upcoming General Election.


19 May 2017


Chief Auditor, Phil Sharman, will shortly be leaving St Helena to take up appointment as Auditor General for the British Virgin Islands. Phil will have completed his three year contract term in June and is pleased with the contribution that his office has made to furthering good governance and accountability in the public administration of St Helena.

Phil said:

The public accounts of St Helena Government are now up to date – an achievement recognised in the formal reporting of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) and in the recent Budget Speech made by the Financial Secretary. This success reflects well on the entire external audit team and their counterparts in Corporate Finance.”

Phil returned to the Island in 2014 to serve in a position he held 20 years previously. Phil says he has really enjoyed being a part of St Helena life again and feels the audit team and the PAC is in a good place to hand-over with the reporting backlog now cleared.

Phil is also enthusiastic about the next phase of audit development which will be supported through the FCO to strengthen audit and parliamentary scrutiny across the British OT. Indeed, he will be similarly involved in this OT wide project in his new appointment.

Governor Lisa Phillips said

 “I am very sorry to lose Phil as Chief Auditor. But I’m glad that his services won’t be lost to the OTs generally.”

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19 May 2017



JUNE 2017

As part of their Neighbourhood Policing Programme, St Helena Police Officers will continue their ‘beat surgeries’ in various places around the Island throughout June 2017.

These surgeries are designed to take place in busy areas where it is easier for more people to attend (see dates & times below).

A questionnaire will also be available so people can tell the Police what concerns them most in their area. This will help the Police identify patterns which will then help them to develop a problem solving plan.

Beat Surgeries – Dates & Times




Thursday, 1 June 2.30pm – 5.30pm Longwood Supermarket
Friday, 2 June 11am – 1pm The Hospital, Jamestown
Saturday, 3 June 10am – 12 noon Half Tree Hollow Supermarket
Monday. 5 June 10am – 12 noon Williams Shop, Sandy Bay
Thursday, 8 June 5pm – 7pm Alarm Forest Bus Shelter
Monday, 12 June 10am – 12 noon New Ground
Thursday, 15 June 3pm – 5pm Silver Hill Shop, Levelwood
Tuesday, 20 June 5pm – 7pm Rupert’s
Wednesday, 21 June 11am – 1pm Reggie’s Takeaway, Bottom Woods
Thursday, 22 June 4pm – 6pm Bowling Alley, Ladder Hill
Friday, 23 June 10am – 12 noon The Canister, Jamestown
Tuesday, 27 June 10am – 12 noon Barren Ground, Blue Hill

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19 May 2017