Statistics Reports and Publications

Official statistics on St Helena are released through the main statistics web page, and through the latest statistical bulletins, reports, and publications listed here. An archive of published reports and datasets is also available. Links to relevant datasets are provided as far as possible.

Statistical Bulletins

Statistical Bulletins are issued whenever a significant update is made to important datasets, and provide a brief overview of trends and patterns. The Bulletins listed below are the latest available for each specific topic

BulletinTopicIssued:Next expected release:Get the data:
2/2020 Price Inflation and the Retail Price Index January 2020May 2020 Inflation
1/2020Wages: average gross incomes from employment January 2020January 2021Incomes
12/2019PopulationDecember 2019March 2020Population
11/2019Minimum Income StandardNovember 2019__
10/2019Arrivals and DeparturesOctober 2019January 2020Population
9/2019Price Inflation and the Retail Price IndexSeptember 2019January 2020Inflation
8/2019Total population, St Helenians abroad, births and deaths, and arrivals and departuresJuly 2019October 2019Population
7/2019Price inflation and the Retail Prices IndexJuly 2019October 2019Inflation
6/2019Human Development IndexMay 2019May 2020HDI
5/2019GDP and GNI per capitaApril 2019April 2020GDP
4/2019Price Inflation and the Retail Price IndexApril 2019July 2019Inflation
3/2019Demographic indicators: population, arrivals, departures, births, deaths, and life expectancyApril 2019August 2019Population
2/2019Aid spending on behalf of St HelenaJanuary 2019January 2020Aid
1/2019Price inflation and the Retail Prices IndexJanuary 2019April 2019Inflation
11/2018Wages: average gross incomes from full-time employmentDecember 2018December 2019Incomes
10/2018Arrivals and departures, births and deaths, and total populationOctober 2018January 2019Population
9/2018Price inflation and the Retail Prices IndexOctober 2018January 2019Inflation
8/2018Population, births and deaths, migrationJuly 2018September 2018Population
7/2018Price Inflation and the Retail Prices IndexJuly 2018October 2018Inflation
6/2018Average gross incomes from full-time employmentJune 2018Quarter 4, 2018Incomes
5/2018Population, births and deaths, migrationApril 2018July 2018Population
4/2018Price inflation and the Retail Prices IndexApril 2018July 2018Inflation
3/2018Arrivals and departuresMarch 2018April 2018Arrivals and Departures
2/2018Population, births and deaths, migrationJanuary 2018April 2018Population
1/2018Price inflation and the Retail Prices IndexJanuary 2018April 2018Inflation
5/2017Population projectionsNovember 2017February 2018Population Projections
4/2017Population, births and deaths, migrationNovember 2017February 2018Population
3/2017Price inflation and the Retail Prices IndexOctober 2017January 2017Inflation
Q3/2016GDP and GNI per capita, 2014/15 (also includes price inflation and population estimates)November 2016New estimates of GDP are planned for release in Q2 2018Not currently available

Reports and publications

From time to time, the Statistics Office issues reports on specific surveys or enquiries, or on other topics of interest. The reports listed here provide the latest available report on a topic.

ReportTopicIssued:Next expected release:Get the data:
2018 Business Survey ReportThe private sector business environment and the labour marketMarch 2019Not yet planned2018 Business Survey – Data
2017 Household Expenditure Survey Expenditure of resident households on St Helena, and weights for the Retail Price IndexMay 20182023 (every 4-5 years)HES 2017 Results
2016 Population Census Summary ReportPopulation trends and characteristicsJune 2016No further reports plannedCensus 2016
State of the Island, 2015Overview of St Helena using available statisticsJuly 2015No updates planned currentlySpecific dataset not available