Infrastructure and Transport Directorate

The Infrastructure & Transport Directorate was formed in April 2019 as a result of a split in the Environment & Natural Resources Directorate. We have three Divisions, Property & Housing, Transport and Support Services, which is shared with the Environment, Natural Resources and Planning Directorate to provide financial, administrative and human resource management.

The Director is supported by three Heads of Division. We have a staffing compliment of 90.

Our role is to manage, maintain and develop the Crown’s natural and built assets in a sustainable way to support the people of the Island to improve the standard of living and quality of life. We also provide and service vehicles for all Government Directorates.

Our Strategic Priorities

  • Priority 1 – Manage & maintain a sustainable Crown Estate
  • Priority 2 – Improve quality & efficiency of our services
  • Priority 3 – Protect the vulnerable through increasing the quality and availability of Government Landlord Housing and residential facilities
  • Priority 4 – Reduce infrastructure costs through using alternative energy saving solutions and contribute to a greener environment
  • Priority 5 – Improve investment in staff through up-skilling, better succession planning and recognition.