Councils Committees

St Helena is governed within a democratic system where the people of St Helena elect members of the public to represent them in Legislative Council (LegCo).

Following a General Election in October 2022, the system of governance changed from a Council Committee system to a Ministerial system, to allow for the election of a Chief Minister by secret ballot from amongst the12 Elected Members. 

The Chief Minister then recommends to the Governor the appointment of 4 Minsters and together they form the Executive Council. The Attorney General is an ex-officio Member of the Executive Council.

Executive Council

Executive Council is the highest policy-making body on St Helena and consists of Chief Minister, Julie Thomas, Councillor Jeffrey Ellick, Councillor Mark Brooks, Councillor Christine Scipio and Councillor Martin Henry.

Three Ex official and non-elected members also sit on LegCo – the Chief Secretary, the Financial Secretary and the Attorney General.


There are six Council Committees:

There is also a further committee for Public Accounts:

 Conference Reports