Probation Team

The Probation Team on St Helena consists of two UK qualified Probation Officers.  The core aims are to protect the public, assist rehabilitation and encourage and support desistance. Organisationally the team sits within the Police Directorate and Line Management falls to the DCI heading the CID team. Professional supervision is maintained with Senior Probation Managers from HMPPS in England and Wales.


Weekly Magistrates Court hearing criminal cases occur with Supreme Court scheduled as and when required. For both of these Courts, the Probation Team offer pre-sentence reports (PSRs) in both a short and full assessment format. PSRs are a key service provided to the Court as they assist Magistrates and Judges in determining the most suitable means of dealing with an offender.


Probation Orders

An order can be made from 12 months to three years in total. Our work with cases is designed to help prevent reoffending whilst also working closely with the offender to identify areas that help promote their rehabilitation. This may include one to one exercises centered in Cognitive Behavioural methods as well as the principles of the ‘Good Lives’ Model in that it is largely ‘approach goal’ (i.e. positive goals) and motivational in its focus.

Community Service

A Community Service Order can be made in respect of any offender and can considered to be a direct alternative to custody. Work is designed to support non-profit organisations e.g. charities, community centres and church groups. Prison Officers or organisations can supervise this work and individual placements are also sought out where appropriate.

Probation retains the overall responsibility for these orders as well as development and maintenance of relationships with our partner agencies. The minimum number of hours that can be ordered by the Court is 40 hours, the maximum is 240 hours.


The Probation Team also head the St Helena Prevention Service which offers Bail Supervision packages to the Courts and both group work and one to one intervention with adults and young people who have been identified as being at risk of offending.


 The Probation Team is responsible for the provision of one-to-one offending behaviour work with all prisoners. In addition to this regular group work sessions are held at the prison. The Probation Team are also responsible for providing assessments to inform sentence management with Senior Prison Officers/Management and the Prison Visitors Committee. Most prisoners are released having served two thirds of their custodial sentence. They will serve the remaining one third in the community under the supervision of the Probation Team. This is called Post Release Licence and should any conditions of this Licence be breached, cases may be recalled to custody.

MAPPA – Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements

The Probation Team Chair the local Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements which are in place to ensure the successful management of violent and sexual offenders. Represented at the meetings are; Prison, Housing, Children and Adults services, Police and Mental Health. The Probation Team work closely with a dedicated Police Offender Manager to ensure effective risk management of Registered Sex Offenders.

Current Team information

Coleman House,
St Helena,

HMP Jamestown,
St Helena,

+290 22626



Fiona Campbell, Probation Officer