Tanker crew member requires medical attention

The fuel tanker MT Sarah arrived at St Helena this morning with a delivery of fuel for the Island.  On arrival, the Captain informed Port Control that a crew member was unwell and required medical assistance.  Once the tanker had berthed at the jetty in Ruperts Bay, medical personnel boarded the vessel and conducted an assessment of the crew member.  As a result of this assessment, the crew member was later removed from the ship and is now receiving medical attention.  All relevant COVID-19 protocols have been followed in relation to this matter.

Lower Ruperts, including the beach area, remains closed to the public until the vessel’s departure. This closure applies to all access points including the sea entrance, as preparations for the fuel transfer have been made.  Boat operators are warned not to enter Ruperts Bay as it is now a restricted area.


5 November 2021


St Helena Government Communications Hub

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