Highways Authority And Environment & Natural Resources Committee Meetings Summary – Thursday, 16 July 2020

At the monthly Highways Authority meeting, a few minor traffic issues were addressed. Of particular note, a request was made for double yellow lines and hatching to be painted at Ladder Hill in front of the entrance to the Colonnade. This area has the potential to cause congestion and delay access or egress for emergency service vehicles. Residents and workers within the Complex also use the same access.

Hatching is mainly used to maintain distancing between vehicles at crossing points on dual carriageways and motorways, allowing traffic to flow freely. Members supported this request.

At the Environment & Natural Resources Committee monthly meeting, the Diana’s Peak Management Plan was presented by the Peaks Management Plan Working Group.

The Peaks National Park provides most of the fresh water on St Helena, the majority being mist captured by the native Cloud Forest. This highly threatened Cloud Forest is the single most important site on British Soil from a species diversity and conservation perspective.

Following detailed planning and budgeting, the Project Development Group, comprising of representatives of the key partners outlined in the Plan, have now completed the Implementation Plan and accompanying budget.

This has been a highly collaborative process involving: the Environmental Management Division, Education & Employment Directorate, St Helena Research Institute, Saint Helena National Trust, St Helena Tourism, Connect Saint Helena Ltd and the Royal Society for Protection of Birds.

The Implementation Plan includes a Management pillar in addition to the pillars of Biodiversity, Water Security and Socio-Economics.

The Project Working Group plans to package the Implementation Plan and Budget into a multi-million pound funding proposal to the UK Government.

The Committee acknowledged the dedication shown by all participants in this venture and gave their full support towards protecting our National Park and achieving our objective of becoming a Green and Blue exemplar on the world stage.

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7 August 2020

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