Customs Clearance Process For Non-Commercial Goods

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HM Customs & Excise would like to remind customers of the clearance process for non-commercial goods which is as follows:

STEP 1: Please collect a Non-commercial Declaration Form from your consolidator (the person shipping goods on your behalf or entities such as Richard James International Ltd, Solomon & Company (St Helena) Plc, MS Atlantic Logistics Ltd, Table Bay Marine (Pty) Ltd and Zedcore).

STEP 2 : Complete this form as illustrated here. Completion of the form is a declaration made to Customs about the items in your packages. Assistance can be given by Customs Officers to help you complete the form. This declaration should be presented along with a supporting invoice or other supporting documentation.

STEP 3: On arrival at the wharf, locate your consolidator to identify your packages. A Customs Supervisor will be present to determine whether or not your goods will be subject to examination.

STEP 4: The examination of goods – if required – will be done by a Customs Officer. 

STEP 5: The payment of Duties on imported goods should be made to the cashier at the Freight Terminal (Customs Shed). Where goods are to be collected by someone other than those identified on the Non-commercial Declaration Form, written authorisation is required before the goods will be released.


2 April 2020

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Telephone: 22470