In 2016, Waste Management Services (WMS), in partnership with Chris Bargo from CNSKB Trading, commenced glass waste recycling operations at Horse Point Landfill Site (HPLS).

Working in collaboration with CNSKB Trading, who voluntarily undertakes glass waste recycling, has proven to be successful, and environmentally beneficial. The reduction of glass waste volume to landfill has been evident across waste composition analysis calculations – the ‘waste wheel’ – with 18.84% in 2016, down to 9.17% in 2017.

WMS has supported CNSKB Trading with:

  • Olympic bins – located throughout Jamestown and Longwood (Olympic bins facilitate the disposal of street litter, cigarette butts and glass waste)
  • Eco bins for glass waste – located at Bars in Jamestown, and at the Wharf
  • Additional red wheelie bins for glass waste recycling – located across the Island
  • Free use of a dry and secure building, with electricity and water, at HPLS for glass crushing operations
  • Shared collection and transportation of glass waste to HPLS (alternate weeks)

Environmental Risk Manager, Mike Durnford, said:

“The glass waste recycling partnership between Waste Management Services and CNSKB is a demonstration of how working in collaboration towards a shared goal can be so rewarding. The reduction of glass waste to landfill is not just environmentally beneficial but also contributes towards extending the design life of the Horse Point Landfill Site.

 “I am grateful to the public for recycling their glass waste and would encourage everyone to continue to play their part, recycling glass wherever possible, in order to improve further on the impressive waste wheel figures.”

Correct use of the glass waste recycling bins is important to achieve a higher quality glass waste product for reuse. Glass waste recycling bins that are contaminated with non-glass waste e.g. food containers, cans and other street litter, creates an additional step in the recycling process, as these wastes need to be removed before crushing, which is both costly and avoidable.

Adopting more of a recycling culture now, will make the transition to commercial recycling of wastes easier in the future.

WMS are committed to their mission statement – ‘Working in partnership with customers for a cleaner and greener St Helena’ – and would welcome the opportunity to work with other private sector partners in order to introduce more Reduce, Reuse or Recycle initiatives. Should you wish to discuss an opportunity, please contact Mike Durnford on tel: 24724 or via e-mail: mike-durnford@enrd.gov.sh

Attached are some photos of the different types of bins for glass waste situated around the Island.

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17 July 2017




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