Week three in the St Helena Safeguarding Children’s Board Campaign, which raises awareness among parents and children of the dangers of the internet, focuses on How to Stay Safe on Social Media. 

This week we provide tips on how to keep safe while using the wide range of social networking sites available online.  

Governor Lisa Phillips, who recently had a fake Facebook account set up in her name, said:

“I am a big fan of social media, but it brings with it responsibilities.  I am aware that what I say, and how I say it, is judged by my 3000 followers, so I am always factual in my posts and also respectful of the positions of others when they comment. 

“I am also careful about who I accept ‘friend requests’ from. In fact, I get ‘friend requests’ from many people around the world but I reject them all unless they have St Helenian ‘mutual friends’, because I cannot trust that they are who they say they are.    

“Someone also cloned my account recently but I was quickly alerted by some of my followers because they knew it was odd behaviour. So the important thing is to be aware, think about how you want the world to perceive you, pause before posting, and follow your instincts. If it feels odd, it probably is.”

Various radio interviews will continue on local stations and posters will be published in both newspapers and issued to schools and youth groups on the Island.

Telecommunications company Sure SA Ltd is supporting the campaign, and local business, Gigabyte IT Solutions, will be providing useful advice on its weekly tech show on Saint FM.

A poster on Staying Safe on Social Media is attached to this release.  



25 January 2017








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