Prince Andrew School today held its annual Celebration of Achievement Awards Ceremony. Students, parents, guardians and invited guests gathered in the school hall to celebrate the presentations.

In her opening speech, Head Teacher of Prince Andrew School, Penny Bowers, welcomed everyone, thanked them for attending and highlighted to students the importance of working hard throughout their school years.

Penny said:

“Today we come together to celebrate the ending of another school year and to appreciate and congratulate those students who will shortly be coming onto the stage to receive an award.

 “It is pleasing to see some different faces walking across the stage this year. Last year I encouraged all students to work hard and what a difference the year has made. Next year we hope to see other different faces, so again, I would like to encourage all of our students out there today to work hard because as you know, education is the key.”

The first presentation was for the Sports Award. Certificates were presented to Joey Thomas and Latisha Fowler of KS3 and Brett Isaac and Alaina Crowie of KS4&5.

KS3 student, Harley Andrews, and KS4&5 student, Alaina Crowie, were presented with the Creative Arts Award and Alexia Duncan took The Environmental & Conservation Award. Gordon Brodie and Jeanette Williams received the Heart of Gold Award.

Two presentations of students’ work were read out with the theme – St Helena Culture, Then and Now.

Citizenship Awards, Outstanding Progress Awards and Academic Achievement Awards were presented to the following students:

Citizenship Award

Year 7 – Brooke Yon

Year 8 – Luke Bowers

Year 9 – Latisha Fowler

Year 10 – Venus Williams

Outstanding Progress Award

Year 7 – Dewi McMahon

Year 8 – Cerys Joshua

Year 9 – Latisha Fowler

Year 10 – Danielle Fowler

Academic Achievement Award

Year 7 – Joey Thomas

Year 8 – Joey Thomas

Year 9 – Courtney Green

Year 10 – Marcella Mittens

Tiffany Herne, Cassidy Beard and Jacob Bowers of Year 12 were also each presented with an Academic Achievement Award for overall effort and commitment.

The last award of the ceremony was for the Student of the Year. This was presented to Jaede Benjamin of Year 7, Ronaldo Johnson of Year 8, Harley Andrews of Year 9 and Demi George of Year 10.

Financial Secretary, Dax Richards, then gave an inspirational speech about his path of study leading up to his current role.

Dax said:

“Twenty years ago I sat in a very similar ceremony like this one today, only I was sitting in the back. To be honest with you, at that time, I didn’t have a clear understanding of what I wanted to do with my life, so don’t worry if you all don’t have a clear understanding of what you want to do, you still have plenty of time.

 “At that time, we were only required to do six GCSEs and so choosing the right courses were an important foundation for whatever I wanted to do in the future.  I’m so glad now I made those choices, however I didn’t make these alone, my teachers played a big part in steering me in the right direction, just as I know they will do for each and every one of you. 

 “For some of you, you will be seriously thinking about whether you want to go on to University. For those of you, who are thinking about this, my advice to you is yes, go for it. For me as someone who has come through this school, made a few mistakes along the way, dealt with a number of set-backs and still made it through, my advice to you is to take heart when your teachers are pushing you to go that little bit further. I’ve always been told by those who have had an influence on my life that there is often short term pain for long term gains, study hard now and reap the benefits in years to come.”

 The Honourable Clint Beard then thanked everyone for attending the ceremony and reiterated to students the importance of doing their best in school.


4 August 2017




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