The RMS arrived at Cape Town on schedule, on Friday 5 August 2016, and since then has been in wet dock undertaking normal docking work on engines, cranes, and other aspects of the ship’s equipment that is required to enable the ship to continue in service and pass its annual Passenger Ship Safety Certificate (PSSC) inspection, that takes place in October.

One of the activities that have to be undertaken annually is an out-of-water hull inspection, however since the RMS docked she has not been able to enter dry dock due to the vessel occupying the dry dock being unable to leave because of leaking stern seal tubes and a faulty bow thruster.

SHG has been informed that, despite the best efforts of everyone involved, the earliest this vessel can leave dry dock will be on Saturday 20 August, which is the day the RMS is due to sail from Cape Town.

AW Ship Management Ltd (AWSML) has spoken to the relevant authorities – Lloyds and the Marine Coastguard Agency (MCA) – and due to the RMS being seen to be in good condition and having no issues with previous out-of-water surveys, as an exceptional circumstance they have agreed that the RMS can this year undertake an in-water inspection to enable the RMS to sail on schedule.

The in-water inspection will take place tomorrow, Thursday 18 August 2016, and will be credited by the MCA to enable the RMS to pass that aspect of this year’s annual PSSC inspection.


17 August 2016



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