The Environmental & Natural Resources Directorate is currently trialling roadside safety mirrors in three locations on the Island:


  • Ladder Hill
  • Two Gun Saddle
  • Longwood Gate

Roads Manager, Ben Hathway, commented:

“Drivers will be aware of the existing convex safety mirror situated at the Seale’s Corner junction with Market Street. 

“This mirror and others at the new locations are designed as a driver’s aid only.  Drivers should still approach locations where the safety mirrors are situated with caution, and use their own judgment when approaching junctions.”

Although these roadside mirrors will help motorists approaching these locations, drivers should bear in mind the following:

  • Glare from sunlight or approaching headlamps can impair the driver’s vision
  • Bad weather can reduce visibility of the image in the mirror 
  • It can be difficult to judge the speed of an approaching vehicle from the mirror image
  • Reliance on the mirror’s image only may compromise the safety of other road users who might not appear in the mirror, such as pedestrians and cyclists.

The Roads Team thanks the public in advance for their co-operation and will report back in due course on these trails.


7 September 2015


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