Currently in dock at Cape Town is the RMS St Helena, scheduled to depart on Sunday 6 December 2015. However, due to an issue with cargo, she will now be departing on Monday 7 December, with the time of departure yet to be determined.

The reason for the delay is that an amount of frozen cargo for St Helena, when inspected as normal, was found to be at a temperature of -17 degrees C, rather than the minimum of -18 degrees C allowed for export by the SA Primary Produce Export Control Board (PPECB).

The goods concerned have now been transferred to a blast freezer to bring the temperature down to at least -18 degrees C, so that the PPECB will release them for export.

Since the terminal does not accept cargo over the weekend, the remaining cargo from the blast freezer will now be loaded onto the ship on Monday 7 December, when the RMS will depart Cape Town.

Passengers will still join the ship on Sunday, as advertised. The estimated time of arrival at St Helena will be announced in due course.


4 December 2015


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