Councillor Ellick
Councillor Ellick

Departing the Island on Thursday 5 June 2014, to the United Kingdom, is Councillor Gavin Ellick.  Councillor Ellick is to attend the 63rd Westminster Seminar, on Parliamentary Practices and Procedures.

The ever-evolving programme of this conference highlights current best practice and how Parliaments are adapting to changing domestic and global political environments.

Councillor Ellick will be joined by Councillor Baldwin in the UK – who has recently concluded his attendance at the British Isles and Mediterranean Region Annual Conference in Wales.

Councillor Ellick commented:

“I am happy and humble in being able to attend the Westminster Seminar on behalf of the Island.  I am eager to learn all I can and bring back new ideas to help me in my role as a Councillor, in turn improving current best practice to help the people of St Helena.”   

During the Seminar, Councillors Baldwin and Ellick will participate in various briefings, sessions and practical observations. Topics include the role of Parliament in holding the Executive to account, the relationship between Parliament and the media, representation and the role of the MP in the Constituency, standards, privileges and accountability, and the administration of Parliament, including the work of the Speaker/Presiding Officer and the Commission.

Councillors Baldwin and Ellick will return to St Helena in July.


2 June 2014



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