This section describes the immigration categories for migrants without St Helenian status who want to work in St Helena. Each category has different requirements, so you should read the requirements for your chosen category before you apply for a permit. Please note that persons working either directly for St Helena Government or contracted to provide services to St. Helena Government may be exempt. See Exemptions category below.

If you are a St Helenian employer and you want to employ migrant workers, the Employing Migrants section contains more information.

Most of our work-based categories are part of St. Helena’s Points Based System.

If you want to work in St Helena for a short time, you are allowed to stay here and work for up to six months on a Short Term Entry Permit issued on arrival and you do not need additional permission to work.

If you want to stay for longer than six months, you should fulfil the requirements of one of the categories below:

• Entrepreneur /Investor Migrants
Investors and entrepreneurs who want to make a substantial financial investment in St. Helena can apply to enter or stay in St. Helena without needing a job offer – you will need to:

a) have a Long Term Entry Permit
b) have at least £50,000 available as investment capital
c) submit a business plan
d) have a Work Permit
e) pass a Points-Based Assessment.

• Employed Working Migrant
If you have been offered a skilled job in St Helena and your prospective employer is authorised to employ you can apply to enter or remain to do that job – you will need to:

a) have a Long Term Entry Permit
b) submit employer’s Immigrant Employment Certificate
c) pass a Points-Based Assessment

• Self-Employed Working Migrant
If you want to set up or take over, and be actively involved in running, a business or businesses here you can apply to enter or remain to do that job –you will need to:

a) have a Long Term Entry Permit
b) have a Work Permit
c) pass a Points-Based Assessment.

Enterprise St Helena is the lead body responsible for promoting and enabling private sector development on the island and if you are interested in self-employment or investment opportunities you should contact them or check out their website on


Working migrants to St Helena are exempt from Entry Permits and additional criteria as noted above if they are:

a) a dependant of a person who has St Helenian status.

b) in employment with the St Helena Government (the Crown). To confirm whether this applies to you please contact Saint Helena Government Human Resources Directorate.

c) in employment with a contractor providing goods or services to St. Helena Government (the Crown) and the contracting organisation has successfully applied for exemption from the Requirement for an Entry Permit and Permission to Work.

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  1. Hey, I been looking at this place for sometime. Looks like a fun place to travel too. I am a nursing student here in Canada. It would be great if there was an option for temporary work for a passer-by. Travel, work, help out in the area, show me your land and then be off. Just looks like a fun place to be for the summer. I already have a passport but if you could assist in helping me find temporary employment for the summer that would be great. I would love if you could give me contacts or help me for a summer position on the island for 2014 or perhaps 2015. Thanks, James.

  2. Hi, Do you ever get vacancies for Software / web developers? I live in the UK and am very interested in moving over to live on St Helena Island.

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