This section describes the different categories of visitor to St Helena, and helps you to choose which category is the most suitable for you. It also explains what you are allowed to do while you are in St Helena as a visitor.

Visitors, undertaking activities as described below, require either a Short Term Entry Permit or Long Term Entry Permit depending on the length of your stay.

• Tourism and visiting friends

• Visiting family (unless you also have St. Helenian status or are a dependant of a person with St Helenian status – see Exemptions.)

• Visiting to do business

• Transiting in St Helena

• If you are coming to St Helena as a visitor, you are allowed to stay for up to six months on a Short Term Entry Permit, issued on arrival.

• If you want to stay here for longer than 6 months, you are allowed to stay for up to five years on a Long Term Entry Permit, issued after application.

Visitors to St Helena are exempt from Entry Permit requirements if they are a dependant of a person who has St Helenian status. Supporting documentation may be required by Immigration Officers at immigration control points.

Passengers and crew of a vessel, where the total number exceeds 20 and that will remain in St Helena for less than 24 hours may be exempt from obtaining an entry permit providing a Landing Permission approved by the Chief Immigration Officer has been obtained.

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12 thoughts on “Visiting St Helena

  1. Hello
    Good morning,i want to visit to St Helena on this coming May 2016,but the Immigration Emails is not delivering mails I sent.
    Please how do I go about the Visa to go to St Helena Island.
    I am Resident here in Windhoek,Namibia.
    Here is my email to reach me;(,ph;+264 855623525/818655686.
    Hope to hear from you as soon as possible.
    Best Regards
    Mr. Benjamin.

  2. Hello,

    I wish to visit St. Helena with my wife for tourism purpose only. Our stay would be approximately 10-12 days. We are both holding Indian national passports. Will we be granted short term visa upon arrival? Is it a multiple-entry visa?
    Thank you.

  3. Hi!
    I’m Anna from Italy.
    In August I will come in St Helena for 3 months to do an university internship (with the Erasmus plus scholarship).
    Which is the necessary documentation?

  4. I my name is Folorunsho a from Nigeria will like to visit Saint Helena by September for tourist where can I apply for visa and requirement. Pls respond. Thanks.

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