The Strategic Policy and Planning Directorate (SPPD) is led by its Director and supported by a Social Policy Planner, Strategic Planning Assistant, an Economist, Junior Economist and other staff.

The SPPD has a leading role in making SHG work in a more efficient, effective and corporate manner.

While Council Committees are responsible for setting Government policies and strategies, the SPPD maintains an overview of the implementation process. Working alongside of other Directorates and Councillors, it assists with the identification of issues, providing guidance and advice on strategic and policy issues and ensuring best practices are followed, monitoring and reporting on progress.

SPPD also monitors the recruitment of visiting Advisers and Consultants and ensures that clear decisions are taken on recommendations made by Advisers/Consultants, and implemented. SPPD is also responsible for ensuring that the advice given by Advisers and Consultants is properly integrated into SHG’s policy process.

Corporate Risk Management is another function which falls under the responsibility of the SPPD, along with the development of an SHG Risk Register, providing guidance on SHG’s approach to risk management and regularly reporting.