Official statistics on St Helena are released through the main statistics web page (, and through the statistical bulletins, reports, and publications listed here. They reflect the latest release available: an archive of published reports and datasets is also available at For the latest datasets in downloadable formats, please see

St Helena in Figures and Data Set

Price inflation, Q3, 2017: Stats Bulletin 3 2017 and Data set: Prices

Population estimates, including births, deaths, and migration, Q3, 2017: Stats Bulletin 4 2017 and Date set: Population

Gross Domestic Product and GNI per capita, 2014/15: Stats News Q3 2016

Population Census 2016: Census 2016 Report and Date set: Census 2016 Data

Income from employment, 2011-2015: Income from Employment 2015

Statistical Yearbook 2014: Stats Yearbook 2014 and Data sets:
1 Yearbook 2014 General
2 Yearbook 2014 Population
3 Yearbook 2014 Production
4 Yearbook 2014 Public Finance
5 Yearbook 2014 External trade
6 Yearbook 2014 Prices Wages Employment
7 Yearbook 2014 Water Climate
8 Yearbook 2014 Social
9 Yearbook 2014 Transport Shipping Tourism

Please note that the Statistical Yearbook has been discontinued in printed report format, and the latest data is now available at