A Certificate of Exemption is issued to a person who is the dependant relative of a person with St. Helenian status. The certificate will remain valid until there is a change in circumstances.

A certificate will generally be granted to a person who:

  • Is the spouse or life partner of a person with St. Helenian status (after the relationship has subsisted for at least three months)
  • Is the dependant child or young person falling under the definition of dependant

How to apply

1. Submit an application for a certificate of exemption and supporting evidence to the Secretary of the Immigration Control Board at kim.yon@sainthelena.gov.sh. Supporting documentation should include the bio data page of the applicant’s passport as well as the partners. It might also be required for the applicant/s to undertake an interview with an immigration officer to establish the relationship status before the application goes to the board.


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