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  1. I will be visiting St Helena along with a friend on the RMS between Mon 25 and Fri 29 November as part of the trip to Tristan. We both have a long standing interest in the South Atlantic islands – and all British Overseas Territories. We last visited St Helena in 2009 (via Ascension) and look forward to seeing what has changed and being there prior to the airport opening. This will be our long awaited first trip to Tristan.

    I would be very pleased to make contact with anyone based on St Helena who might like to meet up. I am (very young!) 54 and am interested in travel, heritage, islands, real ale, museums and galleries, exploring London – where we are both from – and meeting new people. Are there any forums etc that i could post this on, or anything else that you could suggest?

    Many thanks

    Kind regards

    Neil Barker

    • Dear Neil

      I would suggest that you write a letter in the local papers, the Sentinel which can be reached on news@sams.sh or the St Helena Independent which can be reached on

      It would be the best way to reach indiviudals, to explain your trip and your interests, also leaving a contact email so those interested can get in contact.

      Best Regards


  2. Dear Sir,

    After some time I would be interested to purchase any banknotes from St. Helena for collecting purposes:

    20 Pound notes, issue 1986 4 pieces
    5 Pound notes, issue 1998 15 pieces
    10 Pound notes, issue 2004 5 pieces

    Are these any new issues after these notes?

    Please inform me, if these notes are still available, and if your account at Crown Agent bank is still valid.

    Thank you very much
    Best regards

    Hartmut Schoenawa
    Ostlandstrasse 12
    38315 Werlaburgdorf

    Tel: 05335 94966
    Fax: 05335 94977
    homepage: http://www.muenzen-schoenawa.de

    Ust.Id.Nr. DE 1168 70330
    Steuernummer 52 187 940 304

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