Shortage Occupation List

The Shortage Occupation List is the current list of professions that St. Helena wishes to attract. The list is updated quarterly. The current list of professions is below. Please note that professions may be removed as well as added. A profession may be removed while an application is outstanding and in those cases the Shortage Occupation List in operation on the day the application is considered will be the relevant list.

Lists as at August 2016


Agricultural and forestry production managers
Construction managers
Hotel and Restaurant managers
Environmental protection professionals
Bakers and Pastry cooks
Not for profit Organisation workers
Stonemasons, stone cutters, splitters and carvers
Carpenters and joiners
Floor layers and tile setters
Insulation workers
Plumbers and pipe fitters
Air conditioning and refrigeration mechanics
Building and related electricians
Telecommunications engineering technicians
Software developers and ICT installers and services
Computer network and systems technicians
Community Development Professionals
Accountant/Financial and investment advisers
Animal Husbandry Technicians
Livestock Veterinary Science Professionals or Livestock Veterinarians
Qualified Butchers and Assistants

Printing Technicians/ Operators



14 thoughts on “Shortage Occupation

  1. Hi, is the above shortage occupation list up to date? I’ve been in the Not for profit organisation for a couple of years and need to know if it is still on the shortage list.

    Kind regards

  2. I am trying for two days to send my work permit application but every time I receive the error of delivery failure pl z tell me where should i send it

  3. Hi there,

    Where do copywriters/marketers/authors/journalists fit in in terms of the shortage occupation list? And also is there anything related to the clerical sector?

    • Currently copyrighters,markerters,authors,journalists do not classify for the shortage occupation list

  4. Hi there,

    Is this list still valid? I am an IT professional with an interest in creating a start-up on St. Helena. If so, who should I be talking to for more information?

    Kind regards,

  5. I am currently employed in the United States as a hospital pharmacist. Is there any need for pharmacists or scientific occupations? I have a background in health sciences as well as biology and chemisty.

  6. I am a British Engineering degree graduate who is specilize in production and process control for manufacturing environments as well as quality professional know as Six Sigma Master Black Belt. As well as the Member of British Royal Chartered. I am a citizen of Burma and as I would like to migrate there. Who should I contact.

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