The Programme Management Unit (PMU) was established in early 2013, and is a Division of the Environment and Natural Resources Directorate (ENRD), forming part of the St Helena Government (SHG). The PMU consists of four staff, a Programme Manager, a Socio-Economist, a Programme Executive and an Executive Assistant.

The Units role is to manage and oversee the delivery of SHG’s Capital Programme.

The Capital Programme implements key projects to improve facilities and services which contribute to our vision for strengthened community and family life through vibrant economic growth, a healthy environment and with opportunities for all.

The Capital Programme includes all projects that produce tangible fixed assets and are funded through financial support from International donor’s with a contribution from SHG capital funds, which are aligned with the programme objectives.

The Capital Programme is currently funded by:

  • Department for International Development (DFID) together with SHG consolidated fund
  • European Union (EU)
  • United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

As with most Capital Programmes the demand for delivery outweighs the funds available, so each year the budget must be reviewed and funds allocated to projects based on the approved criteria.

Please see a list of Projects below:

Challenging Behaviour Unit (CBU) /Barn view

Backlog Maintenance of Operational Estate

Backlog Maintenance: Government Landlord Housing (GLH)

Cape Villa

Refurbishment of the Hospital


Fire Station

Community Based Housing Organisation (CBHO)

Community Development Area (CDA)

Electricity – E1

Electricity – E2

Electricity – E5

Electricity – E6

Sewerage – S2


IT Development


ESH – Main Street

Victim Suite

Quincy Vale



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