This section explains how businesses may legally employ migrant workers and the role of employers within the points-based system. A migrant is a person who does not have St Helenian status.

If you wish to employ a migrant worker, you must:

• be issued an Immigrant Employment Certificate
• ensure the migrant worker passes the working migrant points-based assessment

• ensure the migrant worker is, or already has been issued a Long Term Entry Permit
The employer can check whether or not the prospective employee is likely to qualify under the Points Based System by reviewing the information in the Points Based System section. More points are awarded if the employee’s profession is on the Shortage Occupation List or alternatively, if the job has been advertised for two weeks in St. Helena and no suitable candidates were found.

Even where a particular profession appears on the shortage occupation list, as the employer, you may still be required to provide evidence as to what steps you have taken to ensure that no suitable candidate is available locally.


Businesses can also employ a migrant without meeting the above requirements if the migrant is:

• a dependant of a person with St Helenian status or

• present in St Helena for less than six months in the last year.

• in employment with a contractor providing goods or services to the St Helena Government (the Crown) and the contracting organisation has successfully applied for exemption from the Requirement for an Entry Permit & Permission to Work.




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