St Helena is governed within a democratic system where the people of St Helena elect members of the public to represent them in Legislative Council (LegCo).There are 12 Councillors in LegCo representing the whole Island, who among themselves then elect five members to sit on Executive Council (ExCo) which advises the Governor in most areas of government policy.  To stand as a candidate for LegCo you must be over the age of 21 years and meet certain criteria (which can be viewed in the 2009 Constitution of St Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha). To vote in the Elections you must be aged 18 and over, registered on the Electoral Roll and also meet certain criteria (also found in the Constitution), Standing Orders for Legislative Council Meetings. Three Ex officio and non-elected members also sit on LegCo – the Chief Secretary, Financial Secretary and the Attorney General.
Executive Council – Executive Council is the highest policy-making body on St Helena and consists of five Councillors from Legislative Council (these five Members are appointed by LegCo). They are as follows: Derek Thomas, Brian Isaac, Christine Scipio-O’Dean, Lawson Henry and Pamela Ward Pearce.  It is the role of ExCo to advise the Governor on policy decisions. 


There are five Council Committees –

Economic Development Committee – Chairman – Hon Lawson Arthur Henry

Members – (Vacant)

Hon Mrs Bernice Alicia Olsson

Hon Gavin George Ellick

Hon Mrs Pamela Ward Pearce

Education Committee – Chairman – Ms Christine Scipio-O’Dean

Members – Hon Dr Corinda Sebastiana Stuart Essex

Hon Wilson Charles Duncan,

Hon Brian William Isaac,

Hon Cruyff Buckley

Public Health Committee – Chairman – Hon Derek Franklin Thomas

Members – Hon Cyril Robert George,

Hon Wilson Charles Duncan

Hon Mrs Pamela Ward Pearce

Hon Mrs Bernice Alicia Olsson

Social and CommunityChairmanHon Brian William Isaac

Development Committee: Members – Hon Wilson Charles Duncan

Hon Gavin George Ellick,

Hon Derek Franklin Thomas

Environment & NaturalChairman – Hon Mrs Pamela Ward Pearce

Resources Committee:Members – Hon Gavin George Ellick

Hon Cyril Robert George

Hon Dr Corinda Sebastaina Stuart Essex

Hon Mrs Christine Scipio-O’Dean

Constituency Meeting – Notes

Notes from Constituency Meeting Held At St Michael 

Expenditure for Councillors for 2014-15

Expenditure for Councillors for 2015 – 16 

Meeting Reports

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Summary of Issues Councillors were unable to deal with during Feb and Mar Constituency Meetings – 14 Jul 2015