I want to visit St Helena

I want to work or invest in St Helena

I want to visit or live in St Helena as a partner or family member

I want to own land in St Helena

Important note:

Visitors are strongly advised to ensure they have the necessary visa or permits to cover all destinations they intend to travel to, including return trips. St Helena does not have foreign embassy representation on island and so visas cannot generally be applied for after arrival.

Please also note that some temporary passports are not accepted for travel to St. Helena.   This includes the South African Temporary Passport.  If you have any concerns about your passport or visa(s) please contact us at this address emerald.newman@sainthelena.gov.sh.

7 thoughts on “Coming to St Helena

  1. Hello
    Following the E-mail letter from Mrs. Cara Joshua Business Start-up Coordinator, I intend go to the St. Helena from May 28 to June 11, 2016, from South Africa (Joburg flight) may be to june 18 (three weeks )
    Can I know the formalities to VISA input at St. Helena, I am Belgian European citizen and I come to St. Helena from South Africa and go back to South Africa abd I don’t need Visa South African, to visit the iSt Helena Island as a tourist and to purchase a building plot to immigrate permanently on the island, in the futur

    so my questions are:

    What are the entry visa formalities do for 15 days may be three weeks as a tourist in St Helena?
    What are the formalities VISA stay to immigrate permanently to retire in the future?

    Thank you for yours Attention
    Yours Sincerely

    Francis Louckx


  2. Dear Sir/Ma

    My main purpose of my email is to make an inquires about visa requirement and all the require documents that will accompany for the visa if i will i want to apply for visa and i have indeed contacted the immigration1@police.gov.sh which was bounce back not delivered and i do not know why
    please i need your help on the requirements


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