Imported produce
Imported produce

There are three categories of goods: prohibited, controlled and unrestricted.

Prohibited goods pose an unacceptably high biosecurity risk, and include honey, parrots and monkeys, sunflower seeds, earth and soil.

Controlled goods pose some biosecurity risk and their importation requires a licence which sets out the specific import conditions under which they are allowed entry. Applications can be submitted on-line, by fax or post, and links to the relevant application forms are given below. Deadlines for applications to import fresh produce on the RMS St Helena from Cape Town are given in

Closing dates for fresh produce licence applications voy 260-267

Closing dates for animal import licence applications voy 260-267

Import licences

  • Application for a licence to import fresh produce
  • Application for a licence to import plant material for growing purposes
  • Application for a licence to import pets (dogs and cats)
  • Application for a licence to import live fish
  • Application  for a licence to import specified bee products and bee equipment
  • Application for the introduction of a Biological Control Agent; Proposal Form for the introduction of a Biological control Agent

Unrestricted goods generally pose a low biosecurity risk and don’t require an import licence. However, they must meet import health standards , where these have been defined.

There are no biosecurity restrictions on the export of plants, animals or goods from St Helena Island. However, there may be restrictions on their entry to another country so please check with the destination country if you are planning on exporting plants, animals or goods.

Export licences